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  • Sale! Gel Liner Kajal

    Miss Rose 2 in 1 Gel Liner Kajal


    What it is You enjoy experimenting with your Miss Rose Gel Liner Kajal makeup to achieve everything from smokey eyes to crisp, graphic lines. Gel liner kajal create consistent color instantaneously without the need for layering. And they can be exceptionally crisp when applied with a fine brush. They can also be smeared out more…

  • Sale! Thin Tip Eyeliner

    Miss Rose Thin Tip Eyeliner – Liquid Eyeliner


    Thin Tip Eyeliner is as follows: The applicator brush of Miss Rose Matt Black Liquid Eyeliner is flexible. It produces accurate small lines as well as bold thick lines; it glides on It glides softly onto the eyelids, making it ideal for novices. Because of its Thin Tip Eyeliner has fantastic color pay-off and coverage, and it…

  • Sale! MIss Rose Big Eye 24 Hours Eyeliner

    Big Eye 24 Hours Eyeliner


    How it works: Made simple: intense eyes! MISS ROSE Eyeliner provides accuracy and definition, making it simple to draw a subtle or bold line. No matter where your day takes you, our smudge-proof formula will hold up. Why You Will Enjoy It: Thin or thick lines can be drawn with MISS ROSE Eyeliner’s intense color….