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  • Sale! Miss Rose concealer

    Miss Rose 4 color concealer and corrector palette


    What it is: A four-color Miss rose concealer. The Contour Palette is ideal for creating a dramatic makeup look. This product functions as a concealer and corrector, allowing you to contour your face as desired. Contour your eyes, cheeks, nose, chin, and neck with the palette’s colors. Why you’ll Like It: A variety of concealer/contour…

  • Sale! Miss Rose Vanity Box

    Miss Rose 3D Vanity Box


    What exactly is it? Because your eyes are the windows to your soul, give them the attention they deserve. Here’s a full eye kit for you. Included are 142 stunning eye shade color colors, three eyebrow palettes, and three blush palettes in a beautiful magic box packaging. Why you’ll Enjoy It: Miss Rose, a 3D…

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    Miss Rose Body Shimmer


    It is as follows: Mists with glitter to give your skin a gorgeous luminous sheen from head to toe, along with mood-changing and refreshing smells. Why you’ll Enjoy It: Recharge your batteries in the glow. Little glitter appears the body. Beautiful luster, irresistible smell. A glistening perfume dream Shimmer spray for face and body Illuminating…

  • Sale! Miss Rose Blush Palette

    Miss Rose 6 Color Oval Blush Palette


    It is as follows: Color your cheeks with the 8 Colors MISS ROSE Blush Palette. The palette contains eight lovely hues that are suitable for any occasion. Why you’ll Enjoy It: The color palette includes easily wearing and natural tones that offer the complexion a radiant appearance and a lovely impression. The pocket shape is…

  • Sale! Miss Rose Foundation

    Miss Rose Lasting Perfection Foundation


    It is as follows:  Skin-friendly product that has a natural, weightless finish. Lasting Perfection Weightless Foundation conceals flaws while providing excellent coverage for up to 16 hours. The water-resistant and transfer-proof emulsion has a matte finish that is gentle on the skin Why you’ll Enjoy It: Dermatologist approved. It is non-comedogenic. Suitable for all skin…

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    Miss Rose Shimmer Loose Powder + Highlighter/Eyeshadow with brush


    It is as follows: A high-performance eyeshadow with micro-fine glitter for the most sparkling, supercharged color, and shimmering finish. What Else You Should Know: MISS ROSE eyeshadow Glitter provides maximum sparkle, supercharged color, and a long-lasting shimmering finish. It is portable and easy to use. MISS ROSE Eye Shadow Glitter is a highly pigmented and…

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    Miss Rose Double Wear Foundation


    Double Wear Foundation lasts all day, no matter where your day takes you. Don’t hesitate to use it once. There is no need for touch-ups. Why you’ll Enjoy It: Dermatologist evaluation Non-comedogenic Double Wear Foundation. Suitable for all skin types. Matte surface Oil-free high quality Double Wear Foundation Long Lasting For all skin types High…

  • Sale! Miss Rose Stay Foundation

    Miss Rose Pure Stay Foundation


    It is as follows:  “The Pure Stay foundation is designed pore skin.” Create the appearance of perfectly poreless skin with a smooth finish. This liquid foundation is lightweight and breathable, and it provides cake-like coverage. Full coverage that hydrates all day for free. Why you’ll Enjoy It: Dermatologist evaluation Non-comedogenic. Suitable for all skin types….

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    Miss Rose 7 Color Face Palette


    What exactly is it?When it comes to obtaining a versatile face makeup kit that is easy to bring with you wherever you go, Miss Rose Face Palette the way to go. It includes three eye shadow colors, two blush colors, one highlighter color, and one bronzer color.Why you’ll Enjoy It:All-in-one kit* Waterproof* Pigmented* Long lasting…

  • Sale! Color Pan Palette

    Miss Rose 24 Color Pan Palette


    What exactly is Color Pan Palette? When it comes to obtaining a versatile face makeup kit that is easy to bring with you wherever you go, Miss Rose face Kit is the way to go. It Color Pan Palette comes with three eye shadow colors, two blush colors, a highlighter color, and a bronzer color…

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    Miss Rose 3D Face Palette


    What exactly is it? The miss rose 3d Face Palette is ideal for creating eye-catching makeup. This product functions as a concealer and corrector and helps you to contour your face as desired to produce the perfect face shape. Contour your eyes, cheekbones, nose, chin, and neck using the palette’s hues. Why you’ll Enjoy It …

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    Miss Rose 4 in 1 Highlighter Palette


    It is as follows: Using the Original Miss Rose 4 Color Highlighter Palette, sweep . This sleek and small palette is effective. Ideally suited for lighting and shaping cheeks and other regions of the face for a dewy shine or dramatic definition. Why you’ll Enjoy It: – An illuminating palette with a silky formula and…

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    Miss Rose Mink Eyelashes – Eyelash Pair


    It is as follows: 3D stands for three-dimensional, and it refers to the use of three distinct eyelash extensions to produce a fan that is applied to one natural lash. These lashes are available in a variety of fan sizes. The minks extremely lightweight and fluffy, and it closely resembles your natural lashes. If you’re…

  • Sale! Miss Rose liquid foundation

    Miss Rose Smooth Liquid Foundation


    What causes the foundation to be smooth?  To achieve a completely smooth face makeup look, apply to the liquid foundation and concealer of your choice with a brush. Makeup foundation, such as the Miss Rose Smooth Foundation Using this Foundation to Hide your blemish, Pores Etc. to out will make for super smooth makeup. Why…

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    Miss Rose 2 in 1 Square Highlighter


    What exactly is it? A set of two metallic powder highlighter in two different colors. Luminosity. Layer MISS ROSE 2 Color Highlighter Palette colors, Wear them together or separately on the face and body for a luminous glow. Why you’ll Enjoy It: MISS ROSE 2 in 1 Highlighter Palette adds strong radiance to the face….

  • Miss Rose 2 in 1 Contour


    It is as follows: Contouring is a makeup technique that has taken makeup to a whole new level—for the better. This makeup method entails the use of dark and light colors to emphasise or minimise the appearance of specific face features. Why you’ll Enjoy It: The MISS ROSE 2 in 1 Contour Palette is ideal…