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    18 Color Creamy Lipstick Palette


    What Is Creamy Lipstick: You’re in for a treat with your lips! Our MISS Rose 18 color Lipstick package includes 18 perfectly selected color combinations of intensely pigmented lipsticks. Lip creams with pigment. Wear each color alone or combine them all for a completely unique style! It has a lovely texture to it. Why you’ll…

  • Sale! Matte Silver Cap Gloss

    Miss Rose Matte Silver Cap Gloss Set


    Matte Silver Cap Gloss is as follows: This full-coverage, long-wear Matte lipstick has a soft feel about it. For all-day comfort while remaining in place for a long-lasting matte finish. Why you’ll Enjoy It: It has a silky, lightweight texture that is lovely and luxurious. Makeup that is stylish and perfect for all seasons, especially…