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  • Sale! Miss Rose Foundation

    Miss Rose Lasting Perfection Foundation


    It is as follows:  Skin-friendly product that has a natural, weightless finish. Lasting Perfection Weightless Foundation conceals flaws while providing excellent coverage for up to 16 hours. The water-resistant and transfer-proof emulsion has a matte finish that is gentle on the skin Why you’ll Enjoy It: Dermatologist approved. It is non-comedogenic. Suitable for all skin…

  • Sale! Miss Rose Hd Foundation

    Miss Rose HD Foundation


    It is as follows: One of the most vital, yet difficult, makeup items is for Hd foundation a dab of the appropriate foundation may balance out skin tone, blur blemishes, boost radiance, and serve as a flawless canvas for the rest of your makeup. Hd Foundation conceals skin flaws and provides a smoother finish with…

  • Sale! Miss Rose liquid foundation

    Miss Rose Smooth Liquid Foundation


    What causes the foundation to be smooth?  To achieve a completely smooth face makeup look, apply to the liquid foundation and concealer of your choice with a brush. Makeup foundation, such as the Miss Rose Smooth Foundation Using this Foundation to Hide your blemish, Pores Etc. to out will make for super smooth makeup. Why…

  • Sale! Miss Rose Full Cover Foundation

    Miss Rose Full Cover Foundation


    What is it? “A full coverage foundation is intended to conceal the skin.”Introducing full coverage foundation in a lovely package. Create the appearance of perfectly poreless skin with a smooth finish. This liquid foundation is lightweight and breathable, providing cake-free, complete coverage that hydrates all day. Why you’ll Enjoy It: Dermatologist-approved and non-comedogenic. Suitable for…

  • Sale! Miss Rose Long Wear Foundation

    Miss Rose Long Wear Foundation


    What is it: We put Miss Rose long wear Foundation to the ultimate test to see how long it lasts, and the formula, unsurprisingly, lasts for hours! This contemporary matte liquid foundation offers medium-to-full buildable coverage. With a non-caking, breathable solution that does not cause acne, it simply builds and blends while reducing shine. It…

  • Sale! Eyeshadow

    Miss Rose New 24 Color Dream Eyeshadow Palette


    How it works: An enviable, expert Dream Eyeshadow palette that can be used to highlight, shade, and define the brows, eyes, and facial features. Why You Will Enjoy It: – Colors that are pigmented and long-lasting help you maintain your flawless sparkling Dream Eyeshadow makeup for a long period. Dream Eyeshadow with a soft, silky…

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    MISS ROSE Face Concealer – Black Cap


    What it is : The MISS ROSE Face Concealer formula is appropriate for people of all ages and skin types, including dry, oily, and combination skin. Fine and moisturizing, hydrated and smooth, clear but not greasy, non-sticky on makeup, light, and breathable, good ductility. Excellent Concealing power can easily cover blemishes, acne marks, spots, etc….

  • Sale! Beauty Eyeshadow

    MISSROSE 12 Color New Beauty Eyeshadow Palette


    What is New Beauty Eyeshadow? Wear a menacing sheen! The richly colored powder mixes and applies smoothly. There are 12 Eyeshadow colors in this palette. You can apply Beauty Eyeshadow either dry or wet. Accessible in a wide range of finishes and textures. There are five matte shades, five shimmer shades, and two glitter shades. Why…

  • Sale! triangle Matte Lipstick

    Miss Rose Black Triangle Matte Lipstick Set


    It is as follows: Miss Rose giving triangle Matte Lipstick set that is rich, vibrant, and hydrating. Get a polished look with full coverage and a matte Lips makeup. What it does is this: Natural minerals provide extra moisture and protection for the lips. Matte Lipstick set gives you a natural healthy shine. With a…

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    Miss Rose Fake Nails






  • Sale!

    Miss Rose Double Layer Compact – Black Triangle


    How it works: Your skin can look more appealing with a light dusting of compact powder. Our Miss rose Bright Black Triangle Double Layer Powder is now available. It lasts a long time and covers most scars and imperfections. With just one brushstroke, this skin-metrifying, shine-controlling powder allows you to say good-bye to noon shine….

  • Sale! Miss Rose Leopard Vanity Box

    Miss Rose Leopard Vanity Box – Pink Color


    What it is: If you’re looking for a selection of top quality makeup, MISS ROSE Professional Makeup Palette Set is our top pick. This kit is perfect for makeup enthusiasts, professionals, and novices alike. This kit is all-in-one makeup Leopard Vanity Box . Why you’ll Love Miss Rose Leopard Vanity Box: MISS ROSE Professional Leopard…

  • Sale! Miss Rose Leopard Vanity Box

    Miss Rose Leopard Vanity Box – Grey Color


    If you’re looking for a selection of top quality makeup, MISS ROSE Professional Makeup Palette Set is our top pick. This kit is perfect for makeup enthusiasts, professionals, and novices alike. This kit is all-in-one makeup box. Why you’ll Love It: * MISS ROSE Professional Makeup Palette Set is designed for the bold and the…

  • Sale! Pressed Shimmer

    Miss Rose Pressed Shimmer


    How Pressed Shimmer works: Simply swipe once to see a little glitter. For a brand-new take on glitter, this special, bouncy product swiftly dries down with no fallout and effortlessly gives buildable dimension. Wear by itself to stand out, or layer with your favorite Pressed Shimmer for an added sparkle. It’s a luscious balm that…

  • Sale! Miss Rose EyeShadow

    Miss Rose 5 Color Eyeshadow – Round Packing


    It is as follows: The 5 Color Miss Rose EyeShadow’s varied colors and high-intensity powders define your eyes. To give you that professional edge, the bright color and glitter particles contour and emphasise your eyes. Lighter tones are appropriate for business wear, while deeper shades are appropriate for evening wear. Make your own eyes and…

  • Sale! Miss Rose Pre Makeup Primer

    Miss Rose Pre Makeup Primer