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  • Sale! Thin Tip Eyeliner

    Miss Rose Thin Tip Eyeliner – Liquid Eyeliner


    Thin Tip Eyeliner is as follows: The applicator brush of Miss Rose Matt Black Liquid Eyeliner is flexible. It produces accurate small lines as well as bold thick lines; it glides on It glides softly onto the eyelids, making it ideal for novices. Because of its Thin Tip Eyeliner has fantastic color pay-off and coverage, and it…

  • Sale! Miss Rose Concealer Palette

    Miss Rose 18 Color Corrector and Concealer Palette


    What is it:Color corrector is a makeup product that is intended to make your skin look more even. This Concealer may conceal anything from dark circles to black eyes to imperfections.Why you’ll Enjoy It:* With a wide range of Conceal/Contour hues available, you can build your own bespoklor.It is of high quality and extremely adaptable…

  • Sale! Miss Rose Corrector Palette

    Miss Rose 15 Color Concealer and Corrector Palette





  • Sale! Miss Rose Hd Foundation

    Miss Rose HD Foundation


    It is as follows: One of the most vital, yet difficult, makeup items is for Hd foundation a dab of the appropriate foundation may balance out skin tone, blur blemishes, boost radiance, and serve as a flawless canvas for the rest of your makeup. Hd Foundation conceals skin flaws and provides a smoother finish with…

  • Sale! Miss Rose liquid foundation

    Miss Rose Smooth Liquid Foundation


    What causes the foundation to be smooth?  To achieve a completely smooth face makeup look, apply to the liquid foundation and concealer of your choice with a brush. Makeup foundation, such as the Miss Rose Smooth Foundation Using this Foundation to Hide your blemish, Pores Etc. to out will make for super smooth makeup. Why…

  • Sale! Miss Rose Full Cover Foundation

    Miss Rose Full Cover Foundation


    What is it? “A full coverage foundation is intended to conceal the skin.”Introducing full coverage foundation in a lovely package. Create the appearance of perfectly poreless skin with a smooth finish. This liquid foundation is lightweight and breathable, providing cake-free, complete coverage that hydrates all day. Why you’ll Enjoy It: Dermatologist-approved and non-comedogenic. Suitable for…

  • Sale! Miss Rose Liquid Matte Foundation

    Miss Rose Liquid Matte Foundation


    It is as follows: Matte foundation absorb excess oil on the skin while also smoothing over big pores to conceal them.” What it does : Matte finishes are appropriate for specific skin types because they have no shine and seem dry on the skin. Ideal for oily or mixed skin. It can decrease the appearance…

  • Sale! Miss Rose Long Wear Foundation

    Miss Rose Long Wear Foundation


    What is it: We put Miss Rose long wear Foundation to the ultimate test to see how long it lasts, and the formula, unsurprisingly, lasts for hours! This contemporary matte liquid foundation offers medium-to-full buildable coverage. With a non-caking, breathable solution that does not cause acne, it simply builds and blends while reducing shine. It…

  • Sale! Multi Effect Mascara

    Miss Rose Multi Effect Mascara


    What Multi Effect Mascara is ? A multipurpose mascara that is designed to overcome all obstacles. This waterproof mascara gives your lashes a full 3-in-1 look by coating them from root to tip. Mascara with a silicone brush that doesn’t clump and can be built up with each coat. Why You Will Enjoy Multi Effect…

  • Sale!

    Miss Rose Diamond Compact Powder


    What is it Miss Rose Compact Powder (new) delivers full, buildable coverage .Adequate coverage It gives the face a natural, silky matte texture while minimizing the appearance of blemishes. Pores appear smaller, and skin texture appears better. If you want flawless and even skin, the Powder is the product for you. Why you’ll Enjoy It:…

  • Sale! color lipstick

    Miss Rose 4 Color Lipstick Palette




  • Sale!

    Miss Rose Color Liquid Eyeliner Pen


    How Liquid Eyeliner works: Introducing the new Liquid Eyeliner with rainbow glitter. The precision and definition of MISS ROSE Colored Eyeliner makes it simple to draw a subtle or bold line. Why You Will Enjoy It: MISS ROSE Liquid eyeliner make your eyes will instantly look brighter with colored eyeliner. If you are tired of…

  • Sale!

    Miss Rose Bullet Lipstick – Single Pieces


    What is it? Our Miss Rose Velvet Bullet Lipstick distinctive flat-and-square tip Lines, shapes, and fills lips with stunning color and ease All in one stroke: a silky finish the velvety texture slides across the lips. Filling in fine wrinkles and giving skin a smooth, wrinkle-free finish Plus, The novel tip prevents color feathering and…

  • Sale! Pearl Eyeshadow

    Miss Rose 18 Color Pearl Eyeshadow Palette


    Why Pearl Eyeshadow is used: The goal of eye makeup is to draw attention to and enhance the appearance of the eyes. The Miss Rose 18 Sombras Coloridos Palette offers every hue you could ever want and may be used on a regular basis or for special occasions. There are matte shimmer and glitter colors…

  • Sale! Eyeshadow

    Miss Rose New 24 Color Dream Eyeshadow Palette


    How it works: An enviable, expert Dream Eyeshadow palette that can be used to highlight, shade, and define the brows, eyes, and facial features. Why You Will Enjoy It: – Colors that are pigmented and long-lasting help you maintain your flawless sparkling Dream Eyeshadow makeup for a long period. Dream Eyeshadow with a soft, silky…

  • Sale! Nude Eyeshadow Palette

    Miss Rose 21 Color Nude Eyeshadow Palette