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The distinctive shape, which is broader at the tip and thinner at the cuticle line, guarantees excellent wear and an exact fit every time. Fashion Fit Nails are simple to use and provide color and luster that lasts for a very long time. This artificial nail set is available in several shapes and styles, and it may be worn for up to three days. The Comfort-Fit technology is made to match your natural nail color.


  • Miss Rose Fake Nails make nails that are lovely and professional-looking at home.
  • Both easy to use and durable.
  • The most practical approach to get professionally styled nails at home is using stick-on nails.
  • To provide the exact fit and style for any occasion, they provide flawless artificial nails in a variety of styles.
  • One at a time, carefully dab a small amount of glue onto each of your natural nails.
  • Any extra should be removed using a moist cotton bud.
  • Just above the cuticle, place the artificial nail on your natural nail, and press firmly for at least 30 seconds to allow for proper bonding.
  • Do this for each nail.
  • Included in each bundle are 24 nails.




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