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12 Color Trio Eyeshadow Palette

12 Color Trio Eyeshadow Palette

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Find the perfect mix of shades by using the 12-color Trio Eyeshadow Palette. This compact palette includes three complimentary colors in each trio, allowing users to create an array of eye-catching designs easily.


Identify the Trio:

The typical trio comprises a crease, base, and a highlight shades. Choose these shades for a more cohesive eye appearance.

Begin at the Base:

Apply the base color all over your eyelids to create a clean canvas for remainder of your eyeshadow.

Define the Crease:

Apply the crease shade to enhance the depth and dimension of your eye appearance by placing it on the area of your eyelid's crease, then blend upwards.

Highlight the Brow Bone:

Apply the highlight color on the brow bone and the inside corner of your eyes to highlight and brighten them.

Blend Seamlessly:

Seamlessly blend the eyeshadows to avoid lines that are too sharp and create a smooth transition between shades.

Use Wet or Dry:

Apply the eyeshadows soaked using a moist brush or a fingertip to get a more robust color payoff.

Layer for Dimension:

The eyeshadows are layered to increase depth to create an edgy appearance.

Try out Placement:

Be creative and try different eyeshadow placements to make unique custom eyes.

Use as Eyeliner:

Use the darkest shade from the trio to create an eyeliner to draw your eyes in a more defined way and give a more dimensional look to your eye makeup.


The compact size of this palette makes it ideal for traveling, allowing you to create a variety of eye looks while on the move.

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