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Lip gloss Set of 6 – Small

Lip gloss Set of 6 – Small

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Six lushes of liquid matte lipstick are included in the set.

Lip gloss set that make a statement without saying a word. Improve the most you can

Beautiful feature with a hint of soft color and matte texture.

Why You Will Enjoy It:

A silky, high-fashion matte sheen characterizes our liquid lipstick.

Which coats lips in vibrant, long-lasting color. Lip Gloss set functions as a

While initially liquid, it quickly dries to an incredibly pleasant

Matte surface. Water and smudge resistance. This polish has a lengthy

Impacts of color that linger.

How to Apply:

Be sure to prepare and clean your lips.

Dot your top lip evenly, then your bottom.

To get rid of any, gently part your lips and blot them with a tissue excess.

 Advice for You:

Apply a moisturizing balm: Because these lipsticks last so long, they can dry out.

Before applying it, moisturize your lips to keep them supple and smooth.

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