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Lipsticks 2 in 1 - Multi

Lipsticks 2 in 1 - Multi

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Lipsticks 2 in 1 – Multi is a hydrating, waterproof, and long-lasting Lip Gloss. Miss rose two in one double-end.

The combination of Lipsticks 2 in 1 – Multi liner allows you to simply finish the precise lip shape. It’s a multi-purpose lipstick that may be used as a blusher, eyeshadow pen, and eyeliner pen for a bi-color look. Use Color Rich Lip Liner and Lipstick to achieve the look.

Why you’ll Like It:

Defines perfectly, anti-feathering

The elegant, sophisticated Double-end Lip Liner and Lipstick has highly pigmented colour that goes on smoothly in one exact stroke.

It contains hydrating elements that nourish and elasticize the lips.

Feed your lips and preserve them from drying out. Keep your lips soft and moist.

It can be used anywhere, at any time — no sharpener required! It can be used anywhere, at any time — no sharpener required! It’s the latest makeup artist must-have.

Suitable for all skin types.

Simple to apply formula that lasts all day!

How to Apply:

  1. Draw the upper lip from the tip of the lip to the two labial angles.
  2. Draw the lower lip from left to right to the center of the lip.
  3. using a lip liner pencil, draw the entire lip.
  4. Apply the same cooler lipstick to the entire lip and distribute it evenly.
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