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Liquid Sticky Glitters Eyeshadow

Liquid Sticky Glitters Eyeshadow

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Bring a sparkle to your makeup routine using Liquid Glittery Glitters Eyeshadow. This revolutionary formula combines glitter's intensity with the ease of liquid eyeshadows for stunning eye makeup that lasts.


Prime Your Lids:

Begin with an eye primer or concealer to provide a smooth foundation for glitter eyeshadows and improve durability.

Apply With Precision:

Utilize the applicator or a tiny brush to apply the eyeshadow carefully on your lids, and pay attention to the areas you'd like to add glitter.

Layer for Intensity:

It would help if you allowed the initial layer to dry completely before adding more eyeshadow layers for a more dramatic glitter effect.

Blend Seamlessly:

Use a blending brush or fingers to blend the edge of your glitter into your crease or any other eyeshadows to create a smooth transition.

Avoid Overloading:

Start with a little product and gradually increase the amount to avoid the lids being crammed with glitter.

Set with Spray for Setting:

To keep your glitter and to prevent loss all day long, spray your face by spraying it with a setting immediately after using the shadow.

Use as a Topper:

Apply the glitter eyeshadow on top of glitter or matte eyeshadows for a more dramatic look. Sparkle to your eye makeup.


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