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Miss Rose 70 Multicolor Eyeshadow Palette MT

Miss Rose 70 Multicolor Eyeshadow Palette MT

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What is Multicolor Eyeshadow:

The MISS ROSE 70 Color Fashion Eye Shadow Palette – MT has every feature you could ask for in an eye shadow palette, including pigments with matte, satin, and semi-glitter finishes and colours that work for both daytime and dramatic looks. The “MT” collection is primarily neutral and features both vivid and soft colours.

Why You Will Enjoy It:

Use 70 cool and dazzling pop colours (Multicolor Eyeshadow) to create countless outfits.
Fit for a variety of events, including casual, salon, party, and wedding.
These  eye shadows mix well. The eyes appear more bright and brilliant when the palette is reasonable and the shadows are strongly pigmented. Apply them on the top lip and face, or use them as a highlighter.
Continue working all day. Keep your ideal Multicolor Eyeshadow with highly pigmented, long-lasting shades.

How to Apply:

Utilize your preferred shadow brushes to apply. The most colour payoff will be achieved using flat, firm brushes. Blending is best done using softer brushes. The eyes should be lined with a little, angled brush.6

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