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Eyebrow Promade

Eyebrow Promade

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Waterproof brow definer MISS ROSE Eyebrow Gel comes in gel form. It’s perfect for shaping, accentuating, and filling in your brows, as well as for highlighting eyebrow colour. This eyebrow gel’s texture is excellent for shaping brows. The nourishing ceramides in this brow gel ensure a long-lasting effect for brows that are full and defined. This product is ideal whether you want a natural or a dramatic brow.

Why you’ll Love Eyebrow Promade :
It Has a Long Life
Simple to put on Natural
Available in 6 colors

How to Apply:
For a natural effect, apply a small amount of product with an angled brush and blend to fill the brows. For a dramatically accentuated eyebrow look, create your desired shape step by step, apply the product to the brows. For a flawless finish, groom and shape the brows.

Miss Rose Eyebrow Promade
Available in 3 colors

100% Original

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