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Miss Rose Multi Effect Mascara

Miss Rose Multi Effect Mascara

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What Multi Effect Mascara is ?

A multipurpose mascara that is designed to overcome all obstacles.
This waterproof mascara gives your lashes a full 3-in-1 look by coating them from root to tip. Mascara with a silicone brush that doesn’t clump and can be built up with each coat.

Why You Will Enjoy Multi Effect Mascara :
Waterproof and stain-proof
Complete protection
Matte surface
3-in-1 formula
Lengthening and curling
Its capacity to extend, volumes, and separate each individual lash.
Increase intensity with each layer. For a more polished appearance, go lighter.
The all-day wear ability of the conditioning-rich, black composition.
Simple, non-damaging removal with smudge, flake, and clump resistance.
Offered in black.

Advice for Use:

1. Make your lashes curly
2. After obtaining the mascara tube, rotate the wand to evenly coat the bristles with the mascara. Make sure you aren’t repeatedly pumping your wand into the tube. By forcing air into the tube, the mascara becomes clumpy and dries out more quickly.
3. Use a wiggling motion to apply the mascara, beginning at the roots.
4. Repeat step 4 with the lower lashes.
With the aid of a clean wand, you can come out any mascara clumps or lashes that are adhering to one another.
5. Apply one more coat of mascara to complete the process. This depends on the volume you wish to add to your lashes.

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