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Single Blush - P

Single Blush - P

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What it is:

 Lightweight, buildable cheek color that lasts throughout the day! Miss Rose Matte Blush adds a pop of color to the cheeks that lasts all day. For natural-looking results, the micro-fine powder glides on gently and blends readily. Designed by and for professionals, this product is formulated to produce brilliant color with simplicity and consistency. On achieve a natural-looking application of color, apply evenly and softly to skin.

Why you’ll Like It:

_ Customizable color

_ Simple to combine

_ Extremely light weight

_ Add a splash of color to your day. A small amount adds a healthy glow; layer more for a vibrant pop.

How to Apply:

_ Select an adequate brush and smooth it over the blush.

_ Tap off excess powder before applying blush on skin with sweeping strokes and blending thoroughly.

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