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Miss Rose 24-Hour Lipstick Pen Set of 6

Miss Rose 24-Hour Lipstick Pen Set of 6

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Enjoy your lips' long-lasting, vibrant colour in this Miss Rose 24 Hours Lipstick Pen Set of 6. This gorgeous collection provides shades that suit any mood and situation, so you're prepared to impress anytime.
The unique lipstick pen design allows for precision and convenience of application, allowing the user to shape and highlight their lips easily. The formula is rich in premium ingredients that give a creamy, smooth texture that glides effortlessly and hugs your lips with the most luxurious, velvety look.

What distinguishes this collection is its incredible durability. The 24-hour formula guarantees that the colour of your lips remains vibrant and pristine all day and night, avoiding the requirement for frequent refills. Whether going to a hectic day at work or attending an elegant evening party, These lipstick pens are fresh and flawless, increasing your style and confidence.

The collection's diverse range includes intense shades of red, delicate nude and vibrant pinks. It lets you play around with different styles and show off your persona. The pen-like format will enable it to be used for travel so that you have stunning lip styles everywhere you travel.

Enhance your makeup routine by using The Miss Rose 24 Hours Lipstick Pen Set of 6 - a perfect combination of timeless colour, luxurious texture and a range of captivating shades for your lips that take the spotlight.
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