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Enjoy a flawless complexion by purchasing this package that includes Matte Wear Liquid Foundation and Miss Rose Liquid Concealer. Get a matte foundation that lasts long while hiding imperfections to achieve a flawless appearance.


Prep Your Skin:

Begin with clean, moisturized skin to create a smooth foundation for applying makeup.

Apply Foundation:

Dot Matte: Wear Liquid Foundation all over your face. Blend with brushes or a makeup sponge to create a smooth look.

Conceal with the utmost precision:

Use the Miss Rose Liquid Concealer to target areas like under-eye circles or blemishes. Blend gently using your fingertips or using a concealer brush.

Set with Powder

Apply an opaque powder to increase longevity and diminish reflections during your day.

Build Coverage:

Apply concealer and foundation according to your desired level of coverage. Make sure to focus on areas that require more focus.

Blend Seamlessly:

Ensure that the concealer and foundation are blended seamlessly into the skin, particularly around the hairline and jawline, to avoid lines.

Set and Forget:

After your makeup is done, please put it on with an application spray to seal your makeup and maintain it for a long time.

Touch Up On-the-Go:

Keep your concealer and foundation handy to apply quick touches throughout the day for flawless skin.

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