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Curve Shaped Foundation

Curve Shaped Foundation

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Enjoy flawless and easy application with Curve Shaped Foundation. This foundation is unique and has the first-ever curved shape created to conform to an individual's face contour. It offers smooth coverage and a natural look.


Apply in Sections:

Begin by applying your foundation on sections including the cheeks, foreheads, chin, and nose, using the contoured shape to blend seamlessly with your skin.

Blend Outwards:

Make gentle strokes outwards to smooth the foundation evenly over your face, ensuring that the foundation is smooth and flawless.

Build Coverage:

To provide additional coverage, apply the foundation over areas you want to cover more, using the curly shape to blend and construct the foundation without streaking or caking.

Make use of Liquid cream formulas or with cream:

The foundation's curvature is significant with cream or liquid formulas, making it easy to apply and mix seamlessly.

Set with powder:

When applying the foundation, you can set it with a translucent set powder to last longer and decrease shine, especially in oily areas.

Clean Regularly:

Cleanse the foundation frequently using moderate soap and water or an oil-based makeup brush cleaner to eliminate any buildup of product bacteria. Maintain hygiene.

Experiment with the Techniques:

Explore different techniques for application like stippling, buffing, or patting to discover the one most suitable to your particular skin kind as well as desired coverage.

Choose the Right Shade:

Choose a shade of foundation that complements the tone of your skin or is a little lighter to create more luminous effects and ensure an even and natural-looking look.

Mix into the hairline as well as the jawline:

Be sure to blend the foundation with your jawline and hairline to avoid sharp lines and to ensure a smooth transition between your neck and face.

Touch Up Throughout the Day:

Keep a small mirror and foundation brushes or sponges in your bag to make quick touches during your day, preferably where the foundation might be worn away.


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