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Miss Rose Lip Balm

Miss Rose Lip Balm

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Its nature:

With the gentlest touch, Miss Rose Fashion Lip Balm rejuvenates and changes lips. This balm nourishes, strengthens, and helps to restore the natural moisture barrier to instantly assist soothe dryness and aid in preventing additional environmental harm. This soothing lip balm starts working right away to soothe and guard lips.

How it functions:

It facilitates the development of a shield. Petrolatum promotes hydration and offers immediate relief. This balm makes lips feel comforted and silky. The skin is soothed and kept from drying out over time by highly hydrating chemicals.

What to Use:

Apply a tiny amount of balm using gentle patting strokes after warming it with a fingertip. To soothe lips for a long time, apply before lip color.


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